CO-CHAIRS, Kim Kovach, Austin and Eric Galton, Austin

President:  Elaine Block, Houston
        Vice President: John DeGroote, Dallas
                   Secretary-Treasurer: Mickey Bonesio, Dallas
Governmental Affairs Counsel: Tom Forbes, Austin


Bob Black, Beaumont
Elaine Block, Houston
Kirk Crutcher, Amarillo 
     Bill Hardie, El Paso
Scott McLain, McAllen
 Wade McMullen, Ft. Worth
Hon. Rick Morris, Salado
Hon. Alice Oliver-Parrot, Houston
Tony Pletcher, Corpus Christi
Mike Schless, Austin

"It also should be noted that non-binding mediation is an entirely different kind of animal [than arbitration] and is 
a wonderful addendum to our justice system. Even in yesteryear when juries flourished, over 90% of cases settled. 
Before mediation, they settled without the parties having any forum to tell their story. Mediation facilitates this important principle of due process . . . If the matter is not resolved in mediation, the right to jury is preserved. And judicial review is also preserved."

Hon. Royal Furgeson, Civil Jury Trials R.I.P.? Can It Actually Happen in America? 40 St. Mary's Law J. 795, 871 (2009).


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